About Us

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Gospel of Mark 10:45


We commit to embody the ministry of Christ and to demonstrate God’s compassion in a practical way by caring for the felt needs within our community and serving the disadvantaged.


We implement an integrated teaching approach and strive to provide children with a happy, caring, positive and creative learning environment. We arrange outdoor learning activities to motivate children to learn and explore, and encourage them to apply what they learnt in daily life to practise “learn by doing” and “education is life”. We offer quality preschool education to children. We also organise religious activities to teach children the love of God and lead them to putting the love for God and others into practice.


Our curriculum is designed to meet children’s development needs, abilities, experiences and interests. It also follows the Kindergarten Curriculum Guide 2017 and stays true to our school mission. The curriculum incorporates real-life themes connecting each learning area. We incorporate learning programmes focusing on caring and promote moral education to provide a broad, balanced curriculum for students. Children will be able to develop confidence during the process of self-learning. Please refer to “Curriculum Features” for more details.

Learning Assessment

Through the questioning and continuous observation during class, the teacher along with the use of assessment table, children’s learning portfolio and student’s handbook, to assess children’s performance in different aspects and follow up on their learning.

Teacher Qualifications

All our teachers are qualified teachers holding a Higher Diploma, a bachelor’s degree or above in early childhood education. We also hire native English-speaking teachers and Putonghua teachers. Our teachers are experienced, caring and passionate about preschool education. We also actively participate in training or support services organized by the Education Bureau, universities and other professional organisations for continuous professional development and to allow teachers to stay up to date with new teaching practices.

School Hours

Whole-day class

Mondays-Fridays : 8:00am-6:00pm

Saturdays : 8:00am-1:00pm

2020/21 Monthly tuition:

$3,212(N1) / $518(K1-K3)

**Including meals**

Morning Class

Mondays-Fridays : 9:00am-12:00am

2020/21 Monthly tuition:

$2,990(N1) / $0 (K1-K3)

** Free Quality Kindergarten Education**

(under the policy of 15-year free education)

**100% fee remission for K1-K3**


Children aged 2-6

Other charges

Uniforms, textbooks and miscellaneous fees

Campus environment

Situated in an independent building at the Heng Fa Chuen terrace, our school boasts a peaceful environment and a spacious campus with plenty of natural light. The campus is suitably furnished with different learning corners. The large outdoor playground offers a range of gross motor play equipment, allowing children to participate in free play and physical activities in a spacious area. A scribble zone is also set up in the playground for children to get creative with their drawing to express themselves.

P.1 Bridge

An information session on getting into primary one will be held in a K3 class meeting to provide parents with useful information to ensure a smooth transition for their children.  Visits to primary schools will also be arranged for K3 students to help them get familiar with a primary school campus and primary school classes. P1 Simulation activities are arranged to help them adapt and integrate into primary school life.

Profile of the School