Moral Education – Ambassador Programme

We promote a culture of care on campus, encouraging children to take the initiative to show care and offer help to others. We also schedule visits to the community to promote children’s social skills, develop their empathy, nurturing in them a love for God, others and the community from a young age.

Moral Education – Moral & Emotional Education

Moral and emotional learning programmes are integrated into theme-based activities that relate to children’s life experiences and meet their cognitive development needs. With different stories and scenario examples, coupled with games and open-ended questions, we guide children to put themselves in someone else’s position and lead them to discuss the meaning of morality and how it relates to our lives. This helps nurture empathy and positive characters in children, thus promoting their moral and emotional development.

Moral Education – Religion

Staying true to our school mission, children are encouraged to share their prayer requests and pray for others during the morning assembly. Religious activities are also included in the curriculum, such as bible stories, hymns, games and art-and-craft activities, to teach children about God’s love and ignite their spiritual growth.